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Dangerous Machinery Audio Productions Record Label was founded in 2008 by Cole Younger/A.K.A ADAPTER.

ADAPTER began his musical visions at the young age of 12, learning guitar and bass. At the age of 16, several bands were comprised dealing with 3-piece alternative rock music, though he felt a lack of substance and creativity within that genre of music. After high school, his room mate introduced him to computers, which he became quickly aquainted with. That same year he met fellow programmer musician Jung Bo Seul, a Korean refugee who showed him phrenetic breakcore beats in a whole new light, and from that ADAPTER and Dangerous Machinery was born.

The software in which is utilized to engineer and produce this music consists of such programs as Propellerhead Reason, Ableton Live, Cubase WAVELAB, Korg Legacy Collection, and Reaper. Hardware interfaces include Korg MS-20 Controller, Korg Kaoss Pad-KP2, and Korg Electribe SmkII. Mac and Windows XP are used via laptops and tower systems.

Adapter_Image Greater Than
"Greater Than" Is the fourth installment of the ADAPTER albums. It is an epic double album released through the independent record label "Dangerous Machinery".This album is the most diverse movement in ADAPTER's evolution of crossing over sound barriers to date. Including Breakcore, Ghettotech, Glitch Beats, Industrial-Goth, Dubstep, IDM, and Cliq-Hop genres. You will find this album to have so much mobility and genuine passion for all ranges of music lovers. Style: Experimental/Industrial/Breakcore/Ghettotech/Drum and Bass/Electronica.

Album release date: 06/30/2009

Adapter_Image Placement Project
"Placement Project" Is the third installment of the ADAPTER albums released through the independent record label "Dangerous Machinery". This a softer, more surrealist album comprised of minimalist tones and trademark ADAPTER Glitch Beats. Assured to please the ears and stimulate the minds of all who cross it's path. Style: Experimental/Ambient/Glitch Beats/Electronica.

Album release date: 06/18/2009

Adapter_Image Perverted Robots
This is the second vicious Dangerous Machinery compilation album between ADAPTER and Jung Bo Seul. They are still pushing the envelope and taking their collaboration powers to the next level in March of 2009. Dangerous Machinery - Perverted Robots is here to assimilate you. Special thanks to Colin Jones of Brokaw, Diss Company, Oral Silence, Professor Stephen W. Hawking, and album artwork by Ray Garrett. Style: Experimental/Ghettotech/Grindcore/Breakbeat/Glitch Beats/Electronica. This is machine driven chaos engineered by two of the best psychotic producers in the business.

Album release date 03/10/2009

Adapter_Image 808 Butchers
Phrenetically programmed compositions consisting of destructive sound, that hits harder than Mega Man on Crack!!! 808 BUTCHERS is the debut compilation between ADAPTER and Jung Bo Seul, in an attempt the two are trying to reinvent a frozen genre. Style: Experimental/808 Dance/Ghettotech/Acid Techno/Machine Smashing Beat-Festival Of Previously Rivaled Blueprints And Beyond.

Album release date: 12/19/2008

Adapter_Image Research and Development
This album is the versatile follow up to ADAPTER's previous album "Restoring Chaos", both are released under the Dangerous Machinery Record Label. He continues where he left off in his first album and then creates a whole new level of boundry breaking genres. This album is a media driven monster of truth and illusion. Style: Experimental/Ghettotech/Grindcore/Breakcore/Drum and Bass/Electronica.

Album release date: 10/13/2008

Adapter_Image Restoring Chaos
This is the first ADAPTER album released through the independent record label "Dangerous Machinery".This album is Breakcore and Glitchy violence at it's finest. This album tries to integrate social and political angst that the world consistently positions itself around on a day to day basis. Style: Experimental/Breakcore/Glitch Beats/Grincore/Ghettotech/Drum and Bass/Electronica.

Album release date: 10/06/2008